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In a global marketplace, it is critical for businesses, financial institutions, and legal advisors to make well-informed decisions. Whether it is hiring a new executive, lending capital, making a strategic investment, or managing a business dispute, dynamic companies cannot afford to make mistakes. In that context, it is important to have a trusted, experienced partner to provide you with the necessary business intelligence and background information you need to win the day.

Sapient works closely with its clients to gather and analyze hard-to-get information on a wide range of pivotal business decisions and legal issues. Every Sapient project is a customized engagement tailored to the specific situation and needs of our clients. From vetting potential business partners or new board members to conducting time-sensitive, complex business dispute investigations, Sapient is relied on every day to deliver sensitive information in a timely fashion.



  • Service Litigation
    Business Dispute and Litigation Investigations
  • Service Due Diligence
    Pre-Investment Due Diligence
  • Service Executive Level
    Executive-Level Background Checks
  • Service AssetSearch
    Asset Search Investigations
  • Service Fraud Investigations
    Fraud Investigations
  • Service Corporate Contests
    Corporate Contests/Proxy Fights
  • Service Employment
    Employment Investigations
  • Service Intellectual Property
    Intellectual Property/Trade Secret Investigations
In a world of risk, due diligence is more important than ever when making an investment, hiring an executive, or entering a joint partnership. Ask yourself whether your situation demands that you dig deeper into business partners in order to protect shareholders and your business.
  • Do you fully understand the background, reputation, and track record of the individuals involved in the deal?
  • What is the background of those individuals who will be managing the business after acquisition? Are they qualified and have the temperament to lead the company into the future?
  • Do the deal partners or prospective board members have any issues in their backgrounds that will later prove embarrassing or hurt your business?
  • Have the deal partners made accurate and complete representations about themselves and their business?

More Than a Decade of Taking the Risks Out of Decision Making

Since 2010, Sapient Investigations has provided expert investigation and consulting services to clients across the U.S. including:

  • Law Firms
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital Firms


“ScaleVP has used Sapient Investigations for many years and we have been incredibly impressed with their professionalism, speed and efficiency. Sapient is a trusted partner upon whom we can rely for thorough and dependable research when it really matters.”

Stephan Eberle
General Counsel and Head of Limited Partner Relations Scale Venture Partners

“Our investment team has relied on Sapient for over a decade and they consistently deliver thorough reports with a diligent and timely approach to their investigations.”

Felix M. Gutnikov
Principal, Head of Originations Thorofare Capital, Inc.