Executive Level Background Checks

In today’s risky business climate, it is essential for businesses and financial institutions to conduct thorough background checks on executives, management teams and board members prior to hiring them. The costs of choosing the wrong individual to drive the success or failure of your company are simply too high.

Sapient Investigations, Inc. specializes in investigating the backgrounds and reputations of prospective executives and board members. With nearly two decades of experience, our team has conducted hundreds of background investigations on executives in most industries. Our rigorous methodology, that often includes conducting discreet reputational interviews, ensures that we turn over every stone for our clients.

Sapient Investigations, Inc. does not simply check whether a candidate has a criminal record, for instance, but determines whether that individual has been truthful about his or her background. What is the candidate’s real business track record? Did he really quit the company to “spend more time with his family” or was he forced out? Has the candidate run afoul of state or federal regulators?

Critical Interviews

A Sapient Investigations, Inc. background investigation provides you with the timely information you need to hire only the best performers for your business or venture.

Case Summary

After reviewing the financial statements of a regional food processing and distribution company, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm decided to acquire the company.

Before acting, however, the firm initiated executive-level background checks on the food company’s top three executives.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the COO had been arrested multiple times for drunk driving and was currently serving a probationary sentence after pleading guilty to hit-and-run charges. The firm decided to proceed with the acquisition, but demanded that management replace the COO before the deal papers were signed.