Litigation & Business Dispute Investigations

Sapient Investigations, Inc. works closely with attorneys across the country in a wide array of business dispute and litigation scenarios to develop hard-to-get information and evidence to support their cases.

Our legal clients understand it is important to have an outside expert on their team to: profile opposing parties; identify, locate and interview witnesses; search for hidden assets; or simply to procure key facts and evidence that can lead to settlements and reduce litigation costs.

Sapient Investigations, Inc. has well over a decade of experience developing and executing complex litigation investigations in the United States and abroad. Our team includes computer forensic technicians and certified fraud examiners to make sure we collect all relevant evidence in every case.

Our mission is to be the gold standard for investigation firms and to make sure our clients get the intelligence they need to win cases. We are successful when our clients are successful.

Our Services Include

  • Asset Search Investigations. The Sapient Investigations, Inc. team has a long history of tracking and recovering assets for its clients in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Corporate Contests/Proxy Fights. Proxy fights are a critical time for management and counsel to retain experienced investigators to analyze opponents’ track records and investigate relevant issues related to the competency and reputation of the proposed slate of directors.
  • Employment Investigations. We investigate and defend workplace claims of sexual harassment and discrimination. Often this requires investigating the credibility and background of witnesses.
  • Fraud Investigations. Sapient Investigations, Inc. specializes in investigating fraud, whether internal or external. The firm is a member of the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
  • Intellectual Property/Trade Secrets Investigations. The infringement of intellectual assets and theft of trade secrets by employees and competitors is a growing and costly problem. We have extensive experience working with clients to develop strategies to investigate these types of cases in the U.S. and abroad.

Case Summary

  1. A law firm approached us with a serious problem. A partner at the firm had siphoned off over $1 million of client business to a new law firm he had clandestinely established. Our investigation of the unscrupulous partner revealed the location of the new business, the names of the stolen clients, and the nature of their cases. In a settlement hearing, the defendant was forced to acknowledge his misdeeds and agreed to repay the firm $700,000.
  2. A major electronics firm was concerned that an employee was embezzling funds. An internal investigation determined that the employee, an engineer, had set up a series of fake companies in his wife’s name through which he was reselling the firm industrial machine parts. The fraud had apparently been going on for more than a decade before it was uncovered. The case was referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for prosecution.
  3. A business uncovered evidence that a former employee had stolen trade secrets and sold them to a competitor. At the direction of counsel, we conducted computer forensics on the former employee’s work computer and produced emails and documents in which he was shown to elicit proprietary information from other employees prior to his departure. The investigation determined that he had in fact peddled the trade secrets to multiple companies prior to joining the competitor in question. The competitor eventually agreed to a settlement in the case.