Judgment Day

An investor learns the hard way that a civil judgment can be little more than a certificate for bitter frustration (The following story is a factual account of...
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A Silicon Valley tech exec invests $1.2 million in a Napa wine company but pays with his life What was racing through the mind of Emad Tawfilis on...
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High Times For Fraud

Retail investors hoping to cash in on the legal marijuana industry have not fared well The legal marijuana business is booming. With medical marijuana laws and pot decriminalization...
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The Talented Mr. Rockefeller

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter duped Wall Street and East Coast social circles for years with his charm and lies. But he couldn’t talk his way out of a California...
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Lender Beware

Specialty lenders adopt forensic background checks to avoid doing business with bad actors In early 2012, Rajesh Veejay Ansari approached a direct money lender in California for a...
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Trip and Fraud

Thoroughly investigating high-value insurance claims helps defend against fraud It was dusk on a Saturday in the spring in 2010 and the courtyard of the Heavenly Acres Apartments...
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Investing Blind

Fraud in the ‘Life Settlement’ business underscores need for thorough due diligence Paula Whitaker, a Texas school teacher-turned entrepreneur, thought she was a savvy investor – not a...
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Asset Search from Hell

Marc Dreier’s epic fraud looted some $750 million from its corporate victims. Could investigators hunt down the loot before it vanished? In January 2009, as federal Judge Douglas...
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Dead Money

After hustling NCAA coaches into a $50 million Ponzi scheme, J. David Salinas committed suicide in July rather than face the music On the morning of July 15,...
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